Joyce Gonzales is a writer and SEO analyst. She graduated with a degree in Financial Accounting at Ateneo de Naga University giving her ample knowledge of basic accounting, marketing, and business management.


She pursued Comparative Literature (Asian Studies) in 2017 as a second degree at the University of the Philippines Diliman where she joined the UP Writers Club. Since then, she has had several works published offline and online. She was also featured in Gen W and Telum Media. Her work can be seen in Medical Daily and Trip 101


In 2019, she founded Write Side Up Content Writing Services, an agency that can help small and mid-size businesses establish an online presence through relevant content and proper use of SEO keywords. She has successfully established a large clientele and was able to expand her SEO portfolio immensely.


Joyce Gonzales continues to participate in various literary contests and writers' workshops. Her blog, The Stoic Mind, is a collection of reviews and analyses of various TV shows and movies from the perspective of an Asian Literature student. She mostly writes short stories and prose but is now expanding to scriptwriting and poetry. Some of her best works can be found in her Journo Portfolio.


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